Soccer Goalkeeper Drills You Can Do on Your Own

soccer goalkeeper drills

Being a soccer goalie means you are taking on a lot of responsibility for your team. If you do not train and get better, you put your team at risk of conceding more goals. What kind of soccer goalkeeper drills are out there? There are many ways a goalie can train alone and hone those skills that will help keep those clean sheets.

This article will discuss 3 soccer goalkeeper drills a goalkeeper can do alone at home or anywhere. The drills are designed to help improve your agility and reflexes.

Tennis Ball Wall Bounce

The tennis ball wall bounce is a good little exercise that will not only help your agility but it will improve your reflexes.

  1. Grab a few tennis balls and keep them by your side. Stand about 5 feet away from the wall. Grab two of them, one with each hand and throw it against the wall.
  2. As the balls bounce off the wall and head back to you, you should aim to catch the balls with each hand.
  3. You can increase the distance between you and the wall or decrease it. The close you are, the faster you need to be to catch the balls.

This drill is key in improving your hand eye coordination among vastly improving your reflexes.

Goalkeeper Down Ups

This following drill is designed to increase your arm strength along with helping you get faster at getting up when you have gone to ground.

  1. Create two rows of soccer balls. The space between the rows should be about 4 feet.
  2. Dive to one of the soccer balls, do 1 push up then dive to the opposite side.
  3. Repeat this process until you have finished going through the two rows of soccer balls.
  4. Do about 5 reps

Goalies go to ground often. There are many times when a goalie goes to ground and the ball has not even been fully cleared. Having the reflexes, strength and stamina to get up quickly to block a potential secondary shot is vital in keeping those clean sheets.

Ceiling Touches

The next drill is simply a strength and conditioning drill for your legs. This drill aims to strengthen your legs so that you can jump higher and quicker. This will enable you to keep the ball from going in over your head or blocking those shots headed for the upright corners.

  1. Start in the standing position.
  2. Go down as if you are going to be doing a squat.
  3. On the way up, jump as high as you can. Try to touch the ceiling of your house.
  4. Do sets of 25 reps at a time.

Your calves and thighs will be burning after this but you will know that you have gotten in a good workout.


These are just 3 of the many different “do at home” goalkeeper training drills you can work on if you are a goalkeeper. The best part about them is that you can train on your own. Many players who play the goalkeeper position think that they can only train when the team trains but these drills show that’s not the case. Get out there, get better, be the best version of yourself that you can be. Success is not easy to achieve; it requires hard work and the strength to do what others are not willing to do.

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